Team Rules


1. Be on time whenever time is involved.

3. When you step on the basketball floor, THINK AND TALK BASKETBALL.

4. Be “UP”” for practice. We must be ready to play whenever we step on the court.

5.  Hustle wherever you go in practice. ALWAYS. This becomes a habit, as does a lack of hustle.

6.  Listen at all times – you will not want to make the same mistake someone else did.

7.  No profanity allowed at any time – on or off the floor.

8.  No “showmanship” at any time. “Give yourself up for the team.”

9.  Do not interfere with the practices of other teams stay off the floor completely until they are finished.

10. The use of the locker room: No horseplay – we do not need injuries.

11. See you coach on all injuries before you go to the doctor. Keep coach informed.

12. We are a TEAM and consequently do things together.

• Sit together during other games (Attendance at these games required.).


• All players must dress properly on day of game and to the game; this will be discussed at practice.

13. Positive Mental Attitude – we are in this together!

14. If you do not understand, ask why it is being done, do not assume that it is wrong.

15. Proper pregame preparation – locker room atmosphere, no junk food before your game



1. Arrival time means fully dressed, and on the floor.

2. A player who is late will run 1 Suicide for every minute he or she is late at the end of practice.

3. Upon the third late practice arrival a player will not play in the subsequent game.

4. See your coach personally beforehand if you are going to be late.




1.One unexcused absence will result in a one game suspension.

2.Two unexcused absences will result in a two game suspension.

3.Third unexcused absence will result in suspension from the team.

4.The coaching has rarely failed to excuse players for legitimate reasons. See your coach in advance!



We expect our players on all our teams to conduct themselves in manner that projects an outstanding image of themselves, and our program. This happens most when we are on the road. We do not anticipate discipline problems when we travel. In the event a disciplinary problem occurs on the road the player or players involved will be sent home at their parents’ expense and removed from the team immediately!!!



Team Objectives

1.Play Hard – give everything you have every second out on the basketball floor – practice or game.

2. Play Smart – play and perform within the team’s offense/defense and its own physical limitations; then you are playing smart.


3. Have Fun – Basketball is just a game, it’s supposed to be fun, and we can have fun while we are busy playing hard and playing smart.